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Periods And Puberty: Talk To Your Daughter

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When the documentary Period. End of Sentence. won an Oscar this year, issues related to menstruation came back into the spotlight. If you have a daughter, puberty and periods are two subjects which would require your attention once they enter adolescence. If you have sons, it is important for them to know authentic information about adolescence than gather wrong notions from unscrupulous sources. 

Hygiene is a big factor during periods. Teaching your daughter how to go about it falls on you, the parent. Also, if you or your daughter experience pain, crams, uneasiness during periods, check out our links related to the topic. 

Light exercise and yoga are said to reduce the periods of pain. There are certain foods which are said to aggravate the problem and certain other goods are recommended during those days of the month. 

Puberty brings with it a different set of issues for an adolescent. It’s important that parents understand their concerns and mental state during this period. They need directions and someone to help guide them through the myriad changes they go through.

Puberty is a time when children tend to rebel. Their relations with the parents also undergo a change. Conflicts between parents and adolescent children are quite common during this period. Parents need to keep a tab on their child’s emotional state as well.

Flip through the pages of the ClipBook which deals with these issues. 


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