Peaceful Parents And Happy Kids

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids

Karen You really thought it was necessary to tell me I am harming my children? You don't even know me or anything about how I raise them. Vicky I appreciated your review and apologize that you had to deal with the previous comment. I'm sure you...

What Is A Peaceful Parent? > Peaceful Parenting Tips By Dr Laura Markham

*We take responsibility for regulating our own emotions, so we can stay as calm as possible with our children. *We reflect before we react, looking for the reason behind our child's behavior. *We connect before we correct. *We try to accept our...

The Way Of The Peaceful Parent : Zen Habits

There is no such thing as stress-free parenting. A reader requested that I share my thoughts on stress-free parenting, as the father of six kids. And while I have learned a lot about being a dad, and finding joy in parenthood, I also know that st...

10 Things You Can Do Today - To Become A More Peaceful Parent - Peaceful Parent

10 THINGS you can do today The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.  ~  Lao Tzu 1.         Connect with yourself, put your hand on your heart, and acknowledge what an amazing job you do.  Reflect on what you’ve achieved today already ...

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Peaceful Parents And Happy Kids

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Peaceful Parents And Happy Kids