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Parents Are Superheroes


I grew up enjoying reading Phantom, Spiderman, Superman and Batman - they were my comic-book superheroes. But, if you ask me now who my superheroes are, I would promptly say “My parents are my superheroes!” I’m sure most of you would agree with me. And, you may even place special emphasis on your working mothers being supermoms. True! How well they juggle childrearing and other responsibilities at home and work – great parenting skills and what super powers! They are certainly our real-life superheroes!

“Being a superhero is a lot of fun,” says the Australian actor Chris Hemsworth. Whether he meant his silver-screen roles or his real-life role as super Dad to his three adorable children, we do not know. However, according to The Daily Telegraph (3 June, 2016), "If there was an award for Dad of the year, it would definitely go to Chris Hemsworth, who has yet again shown off his impressive father skills." So, Chris is probably enjoying his role as superfather.

In the parenting column of the Huffington Post’s website, a headline reads thus: "How being a parent is like being a superhero." The article goes on to say that parenting requires bravery, resourcefulness, moral strength and a superhuman sense of humour. It also features an infographic: "11 ways moms and dads are like superheroes" by Let Me Start By Saying blogger Kim Bongiorno.

To know more about this topic, flip through the ClipBook below, which is a curation of some great infographic links from around the web. It makes for a fun read!



11 Ways Being A Parent Is Like Being A Superhero

You don't need to tell us twice that parenting requires bravery, resourcefulness, moral strength and a superhuman sense of humor. But in case you need convincing, here are 11 ways moms and dads are like superheroes.

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