Parents Age & Lifespan Of Kids

Parents' Age Affects Lifespan Of Offspring: Study

Britt J Heidinger, assistant professor at North Dakota State University, along with colleagues studied the a long-lived seabird, the European shag.      According to Heidinger, research in many organisms has shown that offspring produced by olde...

Parental Age May Affect How Long Offspring Live - The Siasat Daily

New York: Offspring produced by older parents often do not live as long and researchers have now discovered why this is so. The age of the parents influences offspring longevity, in part, through its effects on offspring telomeres, structures of ...

How Does My Parents' Lifespan Affect My Lifespan? - Longevity

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Will Today's Children Die Earlier Than Their Parents? - Bbc News

It's often said that today's children will have shorter average life spans than their parents, because so many suffer from obesity. But there is another view that says they will live longer - at the risk of spending their twilight years in poor he...

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Parents Age & Lifespan Of Kids

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Parents age affects lifespan of offspring Study