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10 Of My Favorite Picture Books For Toddlers

Before I start on the post, let me try and define a picture book. Very often, when I use the term picture book, people mistakenly think that I am talking about any book with a lot of the vocabulary type books that one gets in the ma...

Ramadan Moon - Book Review

“Ramadan, the month of fasting, Doesn’t begin all at once. It begins with a whisper And a prayer And a wish”

Enjoy Today, Mamma!

I have this little postcard stuck on my bathroom wall so that each time I surreptitiously sneak in to pee – darting away from the almost-4-year-old and almost-1-year-old – I emerge a better, patient version of my mommy self.

My 'Self - Reflection' Journey.

A lot of us at some point in life feel the need to introspect and reflect on our situations, especially when we feel stuck in this fast world and have too much to handle. I, personally went through one such brief phase and was lucky enough to fall...

Mommy Mommy!

I was blessed with my second daughter in April this year, a little short of my third birthday as a Mommy. Let me recount how, creating another human being is different and yet similar to the first ...

Preparing For A Sibling

For those of you who know me…please don’t panic..this is not another baby announcement. I already have my hands full with my boys. Actually I am writing this because I happened to have conversations with two different friends today on how to prepa...

Safety Measures For Pregnant Women During Floods And Rains

Chennai these days is flooded with unusual downpours, gloomy weather and numerous cyclone warnings and thus a lot of problems like stranded animals, flooded homes, neighborhoods, a lot of damage to public and private properties.As a mom of a 2 1/2...

What To Do When Your Toddler Swallows Something Accidentally

Toddlers explore the world through experimenting, feeling the objects within their reach, touching them, throwing them and sometimes even swallowing them. The only way to protect them is constant vigilance.

Getting Your Toddler Ready For The New 'School Environment'

As parents we find this phase of separation with our child for as little as 2 hours in the beginning a tad bit challenging due to the stress of seeing our little ones in tears, screaming away to not to go to school. Perhaps, we as parents are as m...

How To Make Food Interesting For Fussy Toddlers

Feeding children with healthy, nutritious and whole foods is on the the priority list of all Moms. We push ourselves to be creative in cooking so that our children get the required nutrition. The main focus is to get the greens down their throat s...

Being A Fit Mommy!

Eating right and exercising is so important for women and especially moms because a healthy mom brings up a healthy family. We are ones who decide what our husband and children will eat. We are such big influencers, aren’t we?

Diy : Your Child's Cupboard

I have a little girl but the amount of things she has from shoes to dresses to toys.. I sometimes have to think about where do I shove her stuff in and was really done with stuffing things inside my closet.

Little Free Library, Chennai

After I heard about the little free library last year from Shanon, who started the library in Egmore, I was kicked about the whole idea and couldn’t stop myself from joining in the movement. Here in Alwarpet, a restauranteur in my neighborhood sup...

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