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10 Current Psychology Studies Every Parent Should Know

One of the many reasons parenting is an impossible job is that everyone is giving you advice, and much of it is rubbish. Frankly, it’s amazing we’ve all made it this far. So, bucking the trend of random anecdote and superstition, here are ten rece...

20 Helpful Tips To Understand Your Child Psychology

As a parent, understanding your child is something you start doing from probably the first day your baby is born. This is undoubtedly one of the most essential things that you must learn as a responsible parent. From teething pains to colic to nap...

10 Things Not To Say To Your Kids

When I think about all of the phrases, anecdotes, and sayings about the power of the spoken word I am reminded of how I changed my way of communicating with children upon learning Play Therapy principles. I realize that using Play Therapy based la...

The Newbie's Guide To Positive Parenting

All parents at some point in their journey wish for peace and order in their home. That’s when they usually begin their search for answers. Often times this search leads them down the path of terms, phrases and methods that seem daunting and confu...

Helping Your Child Calm Down

If you’ve been a parent for longer than a week, you already know that helping your child calm down is a regular part of parenting. Getting upset is a normal way for your child to express themselves, when there’s something they need or want that th...

Is It Okay To Be Angry At Your Kids?

The other day I had a bigger blogger share my Pick Up Your Toys post on their Facebook page. I was pretty excited about it, until I started seeing comments about how “disheartening” it was that I got angry at my (then) two and a half year old. The...

Yelling: How To Recover From A Total Disconnect From Your Child

Even if we can’t parent in the most nurturing ways all the time, the more often we can, the more our children get what they need, the better they will be able to weather the times.

8 Effective Ways On How To Deal With Stubborn Kids

As a parent, dealing with stubborn kids without making them feel hurt can be a tedious job. Your kids tend to behave in a stubborn way as they feel that they have full control over the situations. This stubborn behavior is common among every age g...

Decoding Everyday Kid Behaviours

Parenting and educating little ones can be a tough gig. Some of the behaviors kids exhibit can be downright baffling and often frustrating. Over the course of my 12 years as a classroom educator and in my years as a parent I often hear outsiders d...

Peaceful Parenting: 6 Habits Of Highly Effective Parents

This is excellent!! A copy should be handed to every parent as they leave the hospital with their newborn!

How To Be Fun Parent

The most recent Ask Amanda is for all those parents who aren’t very good at being playful with their kids. Watch the video for tips and please leave your tips too so that this reader can get some help!

10 Scientifically Proven Tips For Happier Kids

Want them to make a lot of money? Become famous? Write the Great American Novel? Probably not. Well, sure, maybe … in the abstract. But in my experience, when parents are asked this question they say simply some version of, “I want them to be happ...

18 Best Comebacks For When Your Kid Says 'I Hate You'

Once upon a time, I didn't think anything could be more painful than childbirth. Then came the "I hate you" stage of parenting. Just three words, but they may be the most painful words in the English language ... but coming to you straight out of ...

Help Kids Deal With Hurtful Comments

Pinterest Facebook Twitter Google+ Yummly Email Print Last year I embarked on a wonderful series called Get Ready for K Through Play with some of the best kid bloggers out there. Well, it was such a success and helpful to so many parents, that we ...

6 Things We Do To Teach Our Kids The Importance Of Work

6 Things We're Doing To Teach our Kids the Importance of Work. "We want to teach them that in this day and age where we are praised for doing the bare minimum, the bare minimum isn't good enough!"

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