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Parenting In The Time Of Covid-19


The entire country is in lockdown due to Coronavirus. The once busy streets are now silent and forlorn, but the same cannot be said about our homes! 

You need to work from home, while managing the chores, keeping an eye on children, whipping up meals and untimely munchies, and what not! It is indeed a challenge to multitask while you’re trying to get your point across in your conference call!

Do you feel like days are turning busier and you are feeling more anxious than on normal working days? Well, we all do and we have just the right thing for you! You can now juggle budgeting, making shopping lists for essentials, working on new routines for you and the kids, while trying to spend more time with them, while keeping your sanity intact!

ParentCircle has compiled several useful links from the World Health Organization (WHO), which talk about different obstacles faced by parents during the lockdown. They also have tips to handle these situations, so what are you waiting for? Flip through this ClipBook and turn your frown upside down! 


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