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Parenting For Peace

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“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” — Albert Einstein

Where is peace, there is harmony, order and security. To take the world towards a peaceful future, we need to teach our children to value peace. Although peace is a complex subject for children to understand, we can explain it to them with the help of simple concepts and activities. Also, working for peace becomes more important because it is well known that most children who witness violence grow up into violent adults.

According to ‘The Peace Blog’ published in, ‘We will not win this struggle for justice, peace and human dignity with the traditional weapons of war’.

But how will you teach the concept of peace to your child?

You can begin teaching about peace by introducing your child to the peace sign and the white dove, two universal symbols of peace. You can teach him how to bring about peace with the help of two important components. The first is how to create a peaceful environment and the second is how to resolve conflicts. Make your child learn how to achieve peace by teaching him skills like communication, taking turns, and standing up for what is fair. You can train him in conflict resolution through some simple methods like allowing a him to explain the problem and asking for possible solutions, and then choosing the best option. Brainstorm your child by asking him how he will handle conflicts with siblings or friends in a peaceful way.

To know more about how you can teach the concept of peace to your child, flip through our ClipBook.


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