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Parenting And Art

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From drawing on the walls of caves to drawing in a computer, art has been a part of human life since prehistoric life. We use art to convey our thoughts and feelings, and ideas. Although we use art like a language, art still has an upper hand as it can be understood even by those who speak a different language.

You can also use art to create a very strong bond with your children. Research shows that listening to music with your child helps to synchronise your thoughts and create a much deeper bond. It also helps in have more positive conversations. You can also use dance to connect with your child. For example, rocking your baby soothes her. Similarly, dancing with your little one can help relive stress, help her gain better control over her movements. With so many benefits to be derived from art, wouldn't you want to use it to make your parenting skills more effective.

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Why Art And Creativity Are Important

Art and creativity play important roles in our lives. Creativity helps a child look at the mundane in exciting new ways, find solutions to problems, and relate seemingly unrelated things. Art provides a child with the means to express abstract ide...

How You Can Use Art In Parenting

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Why Art Is Important For Early Childhood Development

Play is an important part of childhood as it helps in both the physical and mental development of a child. Art is a form of free play. Using hands and fingers to create different shapes or images, manipulate materials and so on helps in the develo...

Why Arts In Education Is Important For Kids

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Different Ways To Connect With Your Children Through Art

Children enjoy spending time with their parents. And, parents can use this time to not only bond with their child but also to nurture her talent. Encouraging your child to dance or sing a song or draw a picture or write a poem would not only chall...

Artwork Ideas For Your Child

It’s important to encourage your child to put in effort and improve with time. When you introduce your child to the world of arts, you also need to come up with ways to encourage their creativity. Here are a few art ideas that your child can work ...

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