Parenting A Transgender Child

Transgender Children & Youth: Talking To Doctors And Medical Providers

When it comes to navigating health care, parents of transgender and gender-expansive children often struggle to know when and how to talk about their child’s gender identity and expression. Take Jessie, assigned male at birth, who is 4-years-old a...

Your Trans Child - What Other Parents Want You To Know

Adapted from Families in TRANSition: A Resource Guide for Parents of Trans Youth created for Central Toronto Youth Services Other parents who have been there really want you to know…

What Should I Do If I Think I Might Be Transgender?

As the national Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) we see children and young people (up to the age of 18) and their families who are experiencing difficulties in the development of their gender identity. Often we are asked about the differ...

Parent Trap: Why Coming Out As Transgender In India Is An Issue

The story of Shivy — an 18-year-old transgender who was born a girl named Shivani Bhatt — shook the world as it made news internationally and in India. It all started when Shivy, an American resident, wanted to cut his hair short. His mother belie...

Bill Ensures Family Life For Transgender Children

The practice of disappointed families giving away transgender children to bands of 'third gender' wandering cities and villages may soon be passe...

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Parenting A Transgender Child

Vennila KarkyVennila Karky
Concerned about responsibly raising a transgender child? Here's some help.