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Parenting A Spirited Child


We have all heard and used the phrase, ‘What a spirited performance!’ whenever we see a feisty display of determination and courage. In everyday life, we may see young children show similar signs of being energetic and enthusiastic, and in some cases bordering on hyperactivity. Such children may possess great levels of perseverance and passion, a go-getter attitude and a fiery temperament.

Does your child show any of these signs? An article in Café Mom, quotes Erin M. Floyd, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist: “‘Spirited’ is a term becoming more popular in general parenting circles. Definitions of ‘spirited’ vary by book authors and parenting movements, so it can mean a variety of things depending on the user.”

However good as this may sound, parenting spirited children may turn out to be quite a challenge. A spirited child can be emotional and sensitive, which can prove to be either an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on the situation. It is important that you identify these signs in your child early on and give a direction to her ‘spirits’.

Also, you need to take care that your child does not turn out to be stubborn or headstrong. Since she may constantly require something engaging to do, finding rewarding activities for her is important. Proper guidance at a young age can mould your little one into a dynamic, highly motivated, and balanced person.

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