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Parenting A Pre-teen

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The tween or pre-teen years is the most crucial phase of childhood. If you have a child in this age group (between 8 and 12 years old), you’ll know that parenting during this stage is truly a challenge. The pre-teen years bring their own set of problems, which demand a lot of parental attention. The problems you encounter in your tween are also a prelude to the many physical and emotional problems and changes that are going to come with teenage.

Pre-teen children are exposed to the outside world and come face-to-face with issues such as self-esteem, establishing and maintaining friendships, peer pressure, competitiveness and identity crisis. This is an age when children tend to spend more time with their friends than parents. Also, when it comes to advice, they’d rather take it from their friends.

As parents of pre-teens, it is necessary that you strengthen your bond with your children and also realise the importance of striking a balance between freedom and control. Encourage your children to involve themselves in activities that help keep them engaged. This is also a time to inculcate discipline and life-long habits. Remember, different children have different needs, which depends on their personality type, and you’ll have to be attuned to their demands.

Parenting your pre-teens can be a challenging task, but it can also be a learning and enjoyable experience. As Psychology Today puts it, 'There are few stages of development barring infancy when you have the opportunity to watch your child grow and change before your eyes. The tween years are all about transition and transformation. Although as a parent of a tween you may find yourself negotiating choppy waters at times, enjoy the ride.'

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