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Parent–child Relationship


Teenage brings with it both emotional and physical changes in children. However, parents find it hard to adjust with the changes that teenage brings in their child’s behaviour, which gives rise to conflicts and power struggles. Understanding their child and adjusting their parenting style to handle the challenges can cement the parent–teen relationship. Our ClipBook gives you an insight into the nature of parent–teen relationship.


Parent-Child Relationships

The parent-child relationship consists of a combination of behaviors, feelings, and expectations that are unique to a particular parent and a particular child. The relationship involves the full extent of a child's development.

The Changing Nature Of Parent-Child Relationships

The fine art of parenting requires that we play many roles in the lives of our children. As parents, we are called upon to be responsible, set limits, give good advice, and be sensitive to the needs of our children.

Parent-Child Relationship In The Digital Era

The parent child relationship has changed beyond recognition in the past century. This has partly resulted from the rapid transition of child-rearing from being a community-based activity to a more individualistic activity.

The Importance Of Healthy Parent-Child Relationships

Just like any other relationship, a parent-child relationship (PCR)* is impacted by each person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. If both individuals have positive thoughts and feelings about one another and their behaviors are mutually respect...

10 Things To Know About Parent-Child Relationships

Dr. Keith (link is external) Crnic (link is external), Professor and Chairman of the Psychology Department at Arizona State University has extensively studied this relationship for most of his career. His lab has looked at how the nature of stress...

Parent-Teen Relationship Destroyers

As parents, we want a strong relational bond with our teens. But sometimes, despite our good intentions, we can be doing the very things that destroy these relationships. So what are the primary culprits that break our connection with our kids? He...

5 Essential Elements For A Healthy Parent-Teen Relationship

For many parents, maintaining a Healthy Parent-Teen Relationship can be a real challenge. Teens are going through a confusing time in their life, and will often start to pull away from their parents as they seek to establish their independence.

Building Stronger Parent-Child Relationships

When children have strong, positive relationship with their parents, they are more likely to succeed in school. Strengthening your relationship with your children may be easier than you think. It's sometime the little things you do...

Supportive Parenting

Despite wanting to be a supportive parent to your child, you may feel like you’ve just had the door closed in your face and you’ve got it all wrong. Your relationship will be changing and starting to become more equal as they grow up ...

Supportive Parenting Linked To Richer, Happier Kids Later

Parents, take note! Children who receive positive attention and care from their parents have high incomes, increased happiness levels, academic success and strong morality later in life, a new study suggests.

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