Overweight Throughout Shortens Lifespan

Being Overweight Throughout Shortens Lifespan

ople with a heavy body shape from childhood up to middle age tend to die earlier than those who are lean for life, according to a recent study.

41% Of Uterine Cancers Tied To Obesity — And That’S Just The Beginning

Nothing in life is certain, but if you take an active role, you can most certainly impact your future by influencing your overall health. Obesity plays a role in a wide range of conditions, especially in terms of cardiovascular disease, but did yo...

‘Living Here Will Make You Fat’ – Do We Need A Public Health Warning?

Governments have invested billions in efforts to prevent obesity, yet Australians keep getting fatter, especially in areas of socioeconomic disadvantage. Over the past two decades, the prevalence of obesity rose in adults from 19% to 28%. The prop...

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Overweight Throughout Shortens Lifespan

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Being overweight throughout shortens lifespan