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Overambitious Parents; Anxious Children

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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

― Winston S. Churchill

It is good to have goals in life and push harder to achieve them. But often parents can get in the way of their kids by their overzealous nature concerning their kids' success. Parents need to know when to take a step back and let their kids enjoy life.

Parents want their kids to be achievers. They enrol them in numerous activities lest their kids are left out or become less perfect than other kids. Overambitious parents can schedule their kids' life to the maximum with one activity after another. According to Psychology Today, , ‘Not only are overscheduled children prone to stress, but they often miss out on important childhood experiences.’

Pushy parents can ruin their kids' childhood experiences. Also, unrealistic expectations from parents can push the cildren away from their hobbies or interest in academics. Parents can transfer their fierce emotional state about performing and perfection to their kids and stress them out. Overambitious parents must also ask themselves if their grandiose plans for their kids are real or if it is actually about their own long-lost dreams. Asking kids to fulfil their parents' dreams is not fair to them. Kids need to have their own plans for life with parents who can guide and support them in achieving those goals.

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