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Outdoor Activities For Children With Autism


Autistic children need to be given extra care and attention. A kid with autism might have trouble: 

  • talking and learning the meaning of words
  • making friends or fitting in
  • dealing with changes (like trying new foods, having a substitute teacher, or having toys moved from their normal places)
  • dealing with loud noises, bright lights, or busy hallways

One of the best ways to help them is by engaging them in outdoor activities. Sounds, sights and feelings are at their peak therapeutic value and all you have to do is step outside. Go through this ClipBook to know 6 outdoor activities that can prove immensely beneficial to autistic children.


Autism In Children

Autism is a difference in the way a kid's brain develops. Kids with autism may have trouble understanding the world around them. Kids also might move in an unusual way (like flapping their hands) or do the same thing over and over (like saying the...

Hide N' Seek

Whether it’s hide-and-seek or hunt-the-thimble, what are the real benefits and risks of these simple childhood games? Why should we encourage them to play? There are some clear cognitive benefits to playing hiding games. Read through this article ...

Treasure Hunt

Sequencing and memory activities are important for people of all ages, especially autistic children. These skills help to keep our minds sharp and active and allow us remember old skills as well as learn new patterns and routines. A “treasure hunt...

Rolling Around

Got wheels? Then your kids are good to go! Bikes, scooters and skateboards encourage balance, motor planning and linear acceleration, all necessary for effective sensory processing. Make sure helmets and pads are worn at all times!

Obstacle Course

An obstacle course for children with autism can build gross motor skills while developing important processing skills. Benefits of using an obstacle course for children with autism are great, and the project does more than offer gross motor activi...


Hopscotch can involve one child or a group. Use sidewalk chalk to create a hopscotch board. You can get the complete rules and some examples of hopscotch boards here. Each child then uses a stone or other small object to mark their place. Hopsc...

Follow The Leader

If you have a child with autism spectrum disorder, you may find it difficult to join in with him when he’s playing, or to catch his attention when you want to show him something. Find out how copying or imitating your child can be a fun and easy w...

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