Our Journey To Darwin

"I was fortunate enough to fly to one of my favourite countries, but not with much excitement at the beginning . The opportunity came on its way for me to travel with two of my students Pranav Sakthivel and Oviya Vendan to visit one of the six wor...

The Journey To Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Mrs. R. Meenakshi, Principal, Vaels International School with 2 students Pranav Shakthivel and Oviya Vendan started the journey on 18th June 2016 morning with stopovers at Kaulalampur and Adelaide to Darwin.

Charles Darwin University

It is ranked in the top 2% of University in the world by Times Higher Education. The reason for accompanying the students is because of their skills exhibited in animation and editing . They did a 3 minute video filming on animation and a competi...

A Warm Welcome

With all enthusiasm, unmindful of the long legs of journey, we were given a warm welcome by Mr. Girish Iyer, Manager, International Marketing and Recruitment, Charles Darwin University.

Session -1 20/06/2016 (Fn)

An exclusive session on animation was held at The School of Creative Arts and Humanities with Prof. Stuart Gluth just for two students of our School. "I too got excited in getting connected to my students and learnt few aspects of animation, musi...

Session - 2 -20/06/2016(An)

Afternoon session on digital media workshop with Prof. Aurora Scheelings was mostly on basic skills on using camera movements to create an image. Though smaller the department/university, many experts on Film production from Sydney and Melbourne ...

Video Competition 2015 - 21/06/2016

Students of Vael's International School, Oviya Vendan and Pranav Sakthivel visited as Finalists of 'Advance to Australia India Schools Video Competition 2015, which aimed at young Indian filmmakers, conducted by the Cambridge English Language Asse...

Photography Session- 21/06/16 (Fn)

Session on Photo was taken by Mr. Aaron Bunten. The session was on hands on training for getting interested in Photography and on several issues on light, shades, size, direct light, image surfing, sense, placement, reflection and exposure of cam...

Visual Arts Workshop :21/06/2016(An)

The session was taken by Professor Ioannis Michaloudis, Department of Creative Arts and Humanities. He used models for making animations and believed in linking right-left brain processes and gave an overview of bringing out imagination, creativit...

Digital Animation Workshop 22/06/2016(Fn)

A session by Mr. Michael Vernau on Digital Animation Workshop, where the entire software 'Maya' was explained in detail for gaming effects. Also learnt how polygons make an important feature in animation program. The afternoon session was for exp...

Workshop On Story Telling -23/06/2016 ( Fn)

This was probably the last workshop by Prof.Stuart Gluth. This was more an engaging oneself with an idea and story telling . He also explained how tiny representations convey messages with more impact.

He spoke about cave walls, in south of France, picture reading and other artistic heritage available. This aimed at conveying ideas through pictures or through some representations. Second part of the session was on story telling through pictures...

Mindil Beach Market (23/06/2016- Night)

Visited Mindil Beach market on 23rd June 2016 near the harbor where there were people performing artistic skills, doing jugglery with flames and huge market organised by Aborigins of Australia. We also picked up souvenirs from the market.

National Wildlife Territory-24/06/2016 (Fn)

Visited National Wildlife Territory and spent 4 to 5 hours seeing indigenous animals of Australia.

It was such a wonderful time spending with my lovable students Pranav and Oviya and they deserve the most and more. I thank the Management for providing me this wonderful opportunity.

The End

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Our Journey To Darwin

Vaels International School, Vaels International SchoolVaels International School
Visit to Charles Darwin University by Mrs. R. Meenakshi, the Principal with Pranav and Oviya (19/06/16-24/06/16)