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Children's Movement for Civic Awareness, Children'S Movement For Civic AwarenessChildren's Movement for Civic Awareness


A Case For Democracy In India

As far as the democratic establishment goes, India is truly a nation that tops many a chart. Not only are we the largest democracy in the world, we are also the most ethnically diverse, we also happen to have the most number of political parties...

'Mute' Film Challenges Indian Democracy

An angry young man reels off his countless gripes with his country, India, in an engaging and surprising film from the Handloom Picture Company. The film was written and directed by and shows a voiceless man sign his way through a list of woes tha...

Why Dictatorship Is The Way Out, Apparently

It’s been more than sixty-five years since India achieved independence. The effort, toil, blood and passion of our respected freedom fighters gave us the India of today. It was their ultimate dream to craft a nation whose members were free and an ...

What Defines A Woman?

Even in this 21st century, women so often are the victim of gender stereotypes. This video explores this topic by asking random Delhiites about what qualities they think define a woman in our society. The response of majority of women will open yo...

Gender Stereotypes Force Women To Become Obedient Slaves!

You wake up in the morning and as part of your assumed duty to help your mother, you set the cushions, sofa, dining table, bed sheets and cupboard right, and then go to get ready for your college/office. When you enter the drawing room again, ever...

'All Men Beat Their Wives, One Day You Will Do The Same'

"Girls are so foolish and silly, they have to be beaten so they can get some good ideas in their brains. My father and older brothers all say this. Now I have find out if my father is right or wrong," says eight year-old Sujan Singh, in Rampur vil...

The Role Of Youth In Anti-Corruption Efforts In India

India's youth is taking a stance against corruption, and one way they are doing so is by using the zero rupee note.

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