Ostrich Racing

Ostrich Racing

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Ostrich Racing Is Not As Easy As It Looks

Showtime Eric Young gets ready to tackle ostrich racing with his ostrich partner Julio.

Inside The Crazy And Unpredictable World Of The Great American Ostrich Races

The Chandler Ostrich Festival in Arizona celebrated its 25th year this weekend. Ostrich racing is a major part of the festival and the runs were as eventful and crazy as usual.

Ostrich Racing Gone Wild!!!

An ostrich race that got outta hand!

A Night At The Ostrich Races

Past the array of simulcast screens with hypnotized leather-skinned regulars clutching bettor’s tickets like Blackjack hands, and beyond the families seated on long, wooden benches exchanging crumpled dollars for informal wagers, were the chariots...

The Running Of The Ostriches

From March 13th – 15th, more than 100,000 people will travel to Chandler, Arizona, to watch ostriches being abused and exploited during the city’s annual Ostrich Festival. For three days, jockeys will climb onto the backs of ostriches; grab them b...

Cby Ostrich Race 7-20-13

Canterbury Park - Ostrich Race 7-20-13.

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Ostrich Racing

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Ostrich racing