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The Beginner's Guide To Origami

Everything you need to get started with origami! Step by step instructions for all the basic folds, bases and for your first origami model the crane.

Get Started In Origami With These 10 Simple Projects

Here are 10 terrific origami beginner level projects complete with photos and folding instructions. These origami projects are great for kids, too!

Easy Origami For Beginners

Here are some paper models that are easy origami for beginners. You will learn how to fold simple, but still awesome models. Let's begin!

Videos With Instructions To Make Origami

To view each list of FREE video tutorials, click on the links below. Origami for Beginners (21+ videos) Traditional models (14+ videos) Boxes and Containers (28+ videos) Origami Animals (32+ videos) Origami Flowers, Fruit and Food (13+ videos) Mod...

Videos | Happy Folding

Origami videos including instructions/tutorials

The Book Of Mindful Origami

Every day millions of us sit in front of a computer screen tapping away at a keyboard, mostly writing virtual notes to unseen corresponde...

Everyone Can Learn Origami

The ultimate book for beginners who want to learn origami! In this book you'll learn all the basic folds and techniques through incredibly detailed sets of diagrams and written instructions. After learning the basics you'll find easy to follow ins...

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