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Online Education Boom In India

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A Brief History Of Online Learning

Thinking about earning your degree online? Want to know more about the history of online education? This infographic provides a brief visual history of online learning.

Online Learning: As Never Before

When Malavika Srikanth first started out as a doctoral researcher, she realized that she would need to learn some programming skills to enable her to carry out her daily work efficiently. But help was at hand. She decided to turn to online educati...

Moocs , The Face Of New Education System In India?

One thing that both supporters and critics of online education agree on is that, the MOOC movement has ignited a spirited conversation about the future of higher education. In this fast-paced world, how many professionals really have the time to g...

Mooc Learners: Who They Are, What Motivates Them

MOOC learners are diverse, coming from many cultures across the globe and all ages and backgrounds. For instance, edX learners, who now number two million, range in ages from eight to 95, come from every country in the world and have varying level...

Challenges Of Online Education

Levin talks about Coursera’s India plans, the value of the “verified certificate”, the Digital India initiative, the big challenges Coursera can face in India, and how online education has the potential to enhance on-campus learning.

Learning Science With Crosswords And Anagrams

Through the Pocket Science app, started by Vineesh Kumar and Pardeep Goyal, CBSE students of Class X can learn their entire science syllabus in a fun away through crosswords and anagrams. ParentCircle spoke to Pardeep Goyal to find out more…

Adopting Mooc’S For Quality Engineering In India

Teachers in colleges do the teaching, but universities rigidly control the program of study, syllabus, and examinations. The quality of education, is a matter of concern. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) permit learners to access and benefit fr...

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