Older Kids Are Much More Rewarding

The Truth About Parenting: Older Kids Are Much More Rewarding Than Babies

Not long before my wife and I had our first child, we had dinner with another married couple — both writers — who at the time had a toddler of their own. I asked them for some advice. Instead, they gave me a caution. "Don't write about your kid," ...

Raising Helpful Kids: The Perils Of Rewarding Good Behavior

Can we improve on what they do naturally? Maybe. But we should tread carefully. Studies suggest that prosocial behavior is undermined when we attempt to force it with manipulative or heavy-handed tactics. So before we try to engineer helpfulness i...

6 Ways To Motivate Your Kids

Convincing your children to do things they want to do can be challenging. And making them stop doing the things you don't want them to do can be even trickier still. We asked experts who have cracked the code of what does (and doesn't) drive kids ...

What Makes A Happy Parent?

Are parents really less happy than non-parents, as many recent books and studies have suggested? New research finds that the truth is surprising and complicated. Does parenthood doom you to a life of stress and fatigue? Or are children truly “bund...

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Older Kids Are Much More Rewarding

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older kids are much more rewarding than babies