Oi Play School - H S R Layout

About Us

Oi is a play school initiative of People Combine, a group that has pioneered and redefined the way education is perceived in India. Oi has spread its wings to multiple cities winning the title of being the “Fastest Growing Play school Chain in Ind...

Our Vision And Philosophy

Our Vision is to create global leaders in partnership with parents through our early childhood program. To motivate parents to be an effective partner in encouraging independence, fostering creativity, instilling confidence & developing values...

Oi Standards

⦿ Infrastructure with a blend of the 3 most important aspects of a preschool – Aesthetically designed child space, child-friendliness & functionality ⦿ Spacious, bright classrooms with open air space for outdoor play ⦿ Bright, colourful, soft ...

Our Curriculum

Children to us are like sparks, full of light and hope, gleaming with beaming smiles, ready to learn and lead the world. Each child is a box of unique potential and all this is required is exploring the treasure with the right approach. Our Presch...

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Oi Play School - H S R Layout

Oi Play School - HSR Layout , Oi Play School - Hsr Layout Oi Play School - HSR Layout