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What Does Helicopter Parenting Mean?

Confused about how to be an involved parent without smothering your kids? Here's how to tell if you're a helicopter parent, along with expert advice to curb the hovering.

Madeline Levine’S Teach Your Children Well: We Are All Helicopter Parents

1. You are not a helicopter parent if your kid is not in a zillion extracurriculars. In the recent clamor on the subject of whether this generation of parents is hovering too much and oversteering, overmanaging, and otherwise spoiling their childr...

Free-Range Parenting: Learning When And How To Let Kids Be

WebMD discusses the freedoms and responsibilities children are given with free-range parenting.

I Was The Victim Of Extreme Free-Range Parenting 

Now to clarify, we were not THOSE kinds of Florida people that you see today on tabloid television shows. We were a normal middle class family who owned their home, had multiple cars and even went out to dinner regularly (a big deal in the 1970's)...

Mindful Parenting: The Most Important Thing | Shauna Shapiro

Mindfulness has been my saving grace as a parent, holding me in its loving arms, helping me find my way back to my heart over and over again. It reminds me moment by moment that the greatest gift I have to offer is my presence....

Mindful Parenting: Just Another Standard That Parents Can Fail To Meet.

Many, many spiritual eras ago, before there were yoga studios on every third urban block, my friend took me to a yoga class in someone’s apartment. I had never done a single downward dog or said the word namaste with my eyes closed. It was all str...

5 Ways To Embrace Minimalist Parenting - The Week

Inject breathing room into your family life — without becoming a "slacker parent"

Minimalist Parenting: Doing More With Less : Npr

For many children, summer break is filled with activities like math classes and language lessons. That's leading some parents to wonder what ever happened to a laid-back summer of playing outside and riding bikes? Host Michel Martin speaks with a ...

What Is “Tiger” Parenting? How Does It Affect Children?

An examination of a parenting practice growing in popularity. Why all the fuss around "tiger parenting"? As far as we know, the term “tiger parenting” did not exist until the publication of Amy Chua's (2011) book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother...

Tiger Moms: 16 Signs You’Re Too Strict With Your Kids

Amy Chua’s recent memoir has fueled debates about whether American parents are too lenient with their kids. WebMD looks at the signs parents are too strict and how to set reasonable boundaries. If your 4-year-old gets sassy at the dinner table,...

Tiger Mom: New Study Debunks Punitive Tiger Parenting

A new study debunks the idea that punitive, Tiger Mom-style parenting is superior.

Tam-Brahm Parenting

Anyone impressed by the extent to which Chinese mothers will go to get their children to do well knows nothing about the Tamilian Brahmin mother

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Offbeat Parenting Styles

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