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Offbeat Career Choices Your Child Can Look At


Today, not wanting to become a doctor, engineer, lawyer or a CA, does not mean the end of the world. A child of this generation has many more career options that we ever thought possible in our time.

Read this ClipBook to know about the different career choices your child has and help her make the right decisions, based on her skills and interest. 


The Offbeat Job: What Does It Mean And How To Go About It

Not everyone’s cut out to work in a corporation. Fortunately, there’s no “Golden Rule” that says you must, after four hard years of college, seek out a job in a large company where you’ll be working from nine-to-five, five days a week, until you r...

Offbeat Careers Youngsters Are Opting For

Youngsters seem to be unafraid to experiment and dabble in different professions. Be it make-up artists, voice-over artists, fitness instructors, musicians or bloggers - they are pushing their creative boundaries.

Offbeat Careers You Can Check Out In 2018

The 21st-century generation has broken the chains of conventional career choices like medicine, engineering and MBA, and is opting for vocations with a difference. A large number of creative courses are being offered at different institutes, trigg...

13 Interesting Career Options In India

Did you know that you can get a degree in pet grooming or puppetry? Or that you could earn a whopping amount by tasting tea? Or that hacking pays? There are a lot of interesting career options you can consider after school and Indian colleges are ...

Famous Indian Women Pursuing Offbeat Careers

Women in India are not only excelling in their offbeat careers but also making India proud with their achievements. From surfing to boxing, mountain climbing to open water swimming, these women are all role models to young girls across the world.

Interesting Offbeat Courses Offered By Indian Universities

Gone are the days when all you could think was being a doctor, engineer, or at the most a lawyer. Here's a checklist of the nine most popular non-conventional career choices you can make, provided they suit your ability as well as level of interest.

Offbeat Career Options That Pay Well

Indian parents tend to think that only blue collar jobs can help their children attain a high position in society. But the times have changed and the young generation is increasingly choosing offbeat careers to become successful. Read this clip t...

Offbeat Career Options That Are Trending Worldwide

There are some untrodden paths that are guaranteed to put the enjoyment back in employment. These careers are mostly self-directive, meaning that you are mostly working for yourself in the end. Keep reading for the list on offbeat career options...

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