Nurture Your Kids’ Reading Habit

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25 Signs You're Addicted To Books

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8 Easy Ways To Develop A Reading Habit

As with anything, it’s not about finding the time to do it but about making the time. With that said, my former self had discovered some pretty good tricks for fitting in a lot of reading. If you want to read more books, these tips will help you ...

5 Easy Ways To Raise A Reader

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Encouraging Kids To Love Books

Encouraging kids to love books is the first step in raising kids who love books, which then leads to raising readers! Luckily, this first step is pretty straightforward: Read books yourself. It doesn’t matter what they are; kids will think books a...

Teach Kids How To Read: The Ultimate Guide

When I decided to become a kindergarten teacher many years ago, my biggest worry was that I would never figure out how to teach kids to read. How would I know that they were ready? What would I teach them first?

Ways A Parent Can Help A Child With Reading

Encourage parents to continue reading with their children, even as they get older.

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Nurture Your Kids’ Reading Habit

Swasthika SrinivasanSwasthika Srinivasan
Books can be your best friends if you let them.