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The Ban On Corporal Punishments

Indian government bans corporal punishment in schools.

All About Corporal Punishment

What is corporal punishment? Why should it matter to us? Why is challenging corporal punishment very important. This document gives you in-depth understanding of these issues and also provides you guide to the legal provisions against corporal pun...

Status Of Corporal Punishment In India's Schools

Despite widespread concern about the effects of corporal punishment on children, it persists in schools across the world. Its eradication in many countries is proving difficult, and India is no exception. Violence against girls is now high on Indi...

Teachers Are Still Using The Stick

Almost all children surveyed had either seen or faced corporal punishment.

Cbse Warns Schools About Corporal Punishment

With the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) warning schools once again to eradicate corporal punishment, it seems that despite a ban, some affiliated schools are still practicing the same. The CBSE has issued letters to the schools affili...

Teenager's Story On Corporal Punishment In India

Around 50% of children in India have been bullied, beaten or ridiculed while at school. Corporal punishment is so prevalent that many children do not see it ...

City Schools Duck Child Rights - Times Of India

Two months after the Chandigarh Commission for Protection of Child Rights (CCPCR) had directed schools to form child rights committees in order to tackle corporal punishment, only 32 of the 186 schools in the city have followed the direction so far.

Corporal Punishment Is Turning India’S Schools Into A Fish Market

‘This is a classroom, not a fish market!’- Almost every child studying in India’s schools might have heard this quintessential expression at some point in time from their teacher. The noisy class would turn silent at this catchphrase and there wou...

Reversing The Twin Ideals Of Right To Education

The Right to Education Act mandates no detention and continuous and comprehensive evaluation at the elementary school stage. These twin provisions aim to address the problems of high dropout rates, inequity, educational load, and lack of democrati...

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No More Violence!

Gokul ChandrasekarGokul Chandrasekar
The trouble with child rights begins with the very definition of a child in law. But there are several grey areas in the law here.