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Newspapers: How Kids Can Benefit From It


During the time of our grandparents, newspapers were one of the few sources of information. It still constitutes an important part of our parents’ everyday life. However, in this age of news applications and websites, here’s why newspaper reading is still important for kids.

The reading of newspaper as a habit is highly rewarding. It makes one alert, knowledgeable, well-versed and well-informed about the affairs of the world. Reading newspapers not only makes your child more aware and knowledgeable, regular newspaper reading can also greatly improve his language and vocabulary. That is why, more and more schools are choosing to distribute newspapers to children everyday and make them read it. On the whole, newspapers serve as the perfect learning package for your kid, and it is imperative that you make them take it up as a habit.

An article in India Parenting tells you how to do it. “Start the day by reading newspapers to your child. It will improve his vocabulary and also give him an insight of the surrounding world. So when you reach out for the morning newspaper with your customary cup of tea or coffee, habituate your child into getting his daily news fix too.” If your child shows disinterest, try to look for news pieces that will perk his interests, anything that might lure him into the newspaper reading habit.

To learn more about newspapers’ benefits for kids and how you can instil the reading habit in them, flip through this ClipBook.


Importance Of Newspaper Reading Habit Among Children

The importance of paper reading has well recognized by the modern day schools. Present day schools have sophisticated school library where different national and local newspapers are available to the children.

A Teacher's Guide To Using Newspapers To Enhance Language Arts Skills

For teachers the newspaper offers a special attraction. It has been called the living textbook and it lives up to that name. The newspaper can be used to enhance skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking, math, social studies and science.

Reading Newspapers As A Habit

A man, who is habituated to read the newspaper, begins to think of it even before he leaves his bed in the morning. If he is a merchant, he gets into tension until he comes to know about the latest prices of things in national and international ma...

What Are The Benefits Of Reading Newspapers?

Reading newspaper is a good habit that can provide a great sense of educational value. It carries information about politics, economy, entertainment, sports, business, industry, trade and commerce.

Getting Children Into The Habit Of Reading Newspapers

Parents are always looking for meaningful, relevant, tangible ways to educate their kids about the world they live in. A cheap and far-reaching method to educate your child is the black-and-white breakfast companion, the everyday newspaper.

Using Newspapers In The Classroom

Why do so many teachers like using newspapers? Well, to start with, newspapers are much more current than coursebooks. There is also a lot of information in newspapers which make them an excellent springboard for lessons.

Inculcating The Habit Of Reading Newspapers

It is much more difficult in these days of technology where gadgets vie for their attention and are pressured to use them to keep themselves at par with their peers. Thus, it is important to encourage reading amongst children and it is never too l...

How To Encourage Your Kid To Read News Paper

Children of any age can appreciate works of fiction, and even if they aren’t ready to recognise the written word, they may still be able to improve their language skills as they start reading the newspaper.

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