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New Year Resolutions To Be A Better Parent


Every New Year signals a fresh start. It gives us another chance to improve upon what we have done and become the person we want to be. 

So, as every year draws to a close, we begin planning on how we will make the most of the New Year that is coming closer with every passing day.

Most of us come up with resolutions to follow in the New Year. Some of the most common but popular resolution include, losing weight, quitting smoking or learning something new like playing a musical instrument. 

Have you drawn up your list of resolutions for the New Year? While it's important to make resolutions that make you healthier and happier, you should also consider the ways in which you could be a better parent to your child. 

Flip through our ClipBook for a few ideas.


Listen More

Do you really listen to your child when she's speaking? Or, do you just nod disinterestedly thinking she won't realise? Children are perceptive, and they know when you aren't paying attention. But, when you really listen to your child, it does won...

Praise The Effort, Not The Outcome

While praising a child works wonders for her, we should also pay attention to what we are praising the child for. Appreciating your child for the effort she puts into doing something would inculcate a growth mindset and motivate her to try harder ...

Read To Your Child

Reading aloud to a child from a young age is really important. Why? Because it encourages a child to read and inculcates the habit of reading in him. Additionally, reading aloud to your child is a great way to bond with him. Years later, he will l...

Worry Less

Parents are constantly worried about their child's safety and well-being.But, excessive worrying can adversely affect both you and your child. It can cause you extreme distress and make your child feel stifled. So, this year, learn how to worry le...

Don't Take Things Personally

Has your child ever said, "Mommy I hate you"? Children tend to say such things at times, but it's important not to take them personally. Try to understand that your child doesn't really mean it. And, if your little one behaves badly, don't think t...

Be Patient

Your child may drive you crazy at times with what she does, for example, she is constantly getting into trouble at school or throwing tantrums at home. Through all of this, it's important to remain patient with her. However, it is easier said than...

Take Care Of Yourself

Want to be a better parent? Then, take care of yourself first. Many parents get busy with caring for their children, maintaining the household and taking care of their professional demands. And, amidst all this, they forget to make time for themse...

Spend More Time With Your Child

The time we have on our hands is limited. Therefore, time is a priceless commodity and is the most precious thing you can give your child. When you come back after a day's work, all your child wants to do is spend a few moments with you. She wants...

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