Navis Foreign Language Center

Navis Institute Of Foreign Language

Navis, founded in India in November 2002, offers Foreign Language Training for Corporations and Individuals. As Pioneers in Foreign Language Training for more than a decade, we provide Japanese Language Training by Certified Native Japanese Teache...

Corporate Training

Navis has been providing Language Training to corporate clients for more than a Decade. We tailor the training Program based on the Requirement of the client. We provide language training and monitor students' progress to meet the expected result....

Individual Training

We at Navis bring our extensive experience in language training to the individual. The program focuses on the key skills viz. reading, writing, listening and speaking. The lessons are conducted by professional faculties who have been trained by th...

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Learning - Homework/Tuition | 0-18 yrs

Navis Foreign Language Center

Navis Foreign Language Center, Navis Foreign Language CenterNavis Foreign Language Center
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