Natyalaya - Bommanahalli


Natyalaya a cultural education trust was founded and established by Mr. B. K. Dinakar, a creative artist and dancer, in the year 2001. Until his graduation from Mariappa College in Bangalore, he took part in various competitions at district & stat...

Dance Class

Dance being the main criteria at Natyalaya, We teach all kinds of dances forms starting from the age of 4+ years, for all age groups weekdays and weekend batches. Training from well certified teachers who have achieved their best in the dance indu...

Music Class

Teaching musical instruments like GUITAR-KEYBOARD-DRUMS-VIOLIN-TABALA- FLUTE-VEENA-VOCAL classes is collaborated and carried out in a specific way as NATYALAYA has been enrolled under TRINITY UNIVERSITY (A London based university) Students are tra...

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Natyalaya - Bommanahalli

Natyalaya - Bommanahalli, Natyalaya - BommanahalliNatyalaya - Bommanahalli