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Nature Walk

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In these times when stress induced by continuous contact with technology takes a toll on well-being, you and your child can engage in nature walks. Undertaking such walks regularly will keep you in good health and spirits.

A walk in a park or any area surrounded by trees has a soothing effect on your nervous system. It helps you relieve stress. When you go for nature walks, you not only give nature a chance to work its wonders to rejuvenate you, you also open up the doors for learning. Children can learn so much from closeness to nature. To explain the importance of children getting close to nature, Scholastic.com quotes Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the 'Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder' thus: "We should not think of a child's experience in nature as an extracurricular activity. It should be thought of as vital to children's health and development."

Did you ever think of the varied ways in which you can organise your nature walk and turn it into a learning experience based on specific themes? You could easily turn a simple walk into an expedition to teach your kid all about colours, sounds, leaves, flowers, insects, animals or birds. The sky is the limit when it comes to what purpose you can seek to fulfil with your nature walk.

Take a look at our ClipBook for ideas. Also, get to know about all aspects of this wonderful way to pass your time with your child.


Why Are Nature Walks Significant?

One of the beauties of nature walking is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes, we get out to enjoy nature by leaving ‘civilization’ to go for a wilderness hike or walk in a nature preserve. But many times (especially if you have young...

Learn To Value And Appreciate Nature

Exploring nature provides children with many opportunities that transcend language and race. All children can come to appreciate the beauty, wonder, and common experiences provided by nature.

Benefits Of Connecting Children With Nature

This sheet discusses the benefits of connecting children to nature and presents examples of simple ways to naturalise outdoor learning environments in childcare centers.

Why Kids Need Nature

Research suggests that a connection to nature is biologically innate; as humans, we have an affinity for the natural world. When children spend most of their time indoors, they miss out. Problems associated with alienation from nature include fami...

7 Nature Walks To Take With Your Kids

Even if you don’t have your own personal forest, make your way outside and take a walk. You’ll be able to take these nature walks in a city park, backyard, or even apartment complex. Most of these walks require little to no preparation, just a wil...

Tips For Nature Walking

A walk in nature can give you the small dose of wilderness you need to refresh your spirit. Whether you see nature walks as a time for introspection or a chance to learn about wildlife, make the most of your stroll into wilderness.

Parents’ Guide For Nature Walks

The world of nature beckons you and your family! There are so many fun things you can do to experience and learn about nature. Winter, spring, summer or fall, your family can have great fun exploring the outdoors in a meaningful way.

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