Naming Your Kid

How To Pick A Name For A Baby?

First of all, don’t just stick to a few names and make your choice limited. There are thousands of names waiting to be picked up. Your baby is the most precious gift you can ever get. Also, he/she is born with specific talents and a specific perso...

10 Tips To Choose Your Baby’S Name

Your baby’s name is going to stay with the baby forever, so make a wise choice with the following tips:

1. Avoid Affectionate Names

Another thing which you should keep in your mind is that the name you choose for your baby is going to stick with them for life, so avoid picking up names which you would call them with affection like, Sweetheart, Bunny, Munchkin, Doll, etc. The n...

2. Sound And Compatibility

Does your baby’s name sound good when you call it out loud? Is it so long that it almost sounds melodious? Does it go well with your last name? If your last name is shorter, try a longer first name. These are the questions you should take into con...

3. Simplify The Spellings

Yes. Go easy on the spellings – spare your child and others the agony of mis-spelling the name every time!

4. Initials Are Important

Take a deep look at the initials. Ayush Suraj Singh may just not be the right choice. Your child will blame you for the rest of his life. You can avoid the fact that your child gets teased for funny initials at school. Though you cannot avoid the ...

5. Is The Baby Name Unique?

Isn’t it lovely to have a name which stands out in a crowd? That feeling of having other students of the same name in a class is not that great. No one likes to be called by the teacher and look back to realize 4 other students are standing up hea...

6. Ask Your Friends And Family To Suggest Names?

Ask you relatives to pitch in. This way you will have a lot of other options to choose from. At the same time, make sure you do not allow yourself to be pressurized in to choosing a particular name. The final choice should be yours

7. Importance Of Considering Ancestry

Many families have the tradition of naming their sons after their father and girls to take up their names as a middle name. If you have something like this then do follow it because it is something your child will carry with pride. Also, it gives ...

8. Meaning Of The Name

Derivation of the name is also important as well as the name should be meaningful. If the name is well-researched and have a unique name you child will get the opportunity to explain its meaning when asked with pride

9. Will The Name Be Okay In Adulthood?

Some parents name their children out of affection but the name turns a nightmare into adolescence. For example, Sajan may sound nice to you when the child is a kiddo, but imagine when he is a teenager!

10. Do You Both Love The Name?

Now this is very important. Do not force your opinions and reasons, instead find common grounds and agree on a name that you both dote!

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Naming Your Kid

Your new born is almost here! So, what have you decided to name him/her?