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Myths About Mangoes

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Known for its delicious taste, the 'King of Fruits', the mango, is finally here. Who does not love this tasty fruit?

However, there are several myths about this fruit. Can we give it to babies or not? Is it suitable for diabetics? It is safe for dogs to eat?

All the above questions and more are answered in the ClipBook below. 


Mangoes And Diabetes

Mangos are higher in sugars than many other fruits, but that doesn’t mean diabetics shouldn’t eat mangoes. Studies indicate that eating mangoes in moderation can help prevent diabetes complications. The American Diabetes Association also recommend...

Mangoes And Babies

Mango may be healthy, but is it okay for a baby? Choosing healthy foods for your baby is very important. Your child should have a well-balanced diet and be introduced to numerous healthy options to help their taste preferences grow. It is importan...

Mangoes And Weight Gain

Summer is here, which also means that it is the mango season! So should you be indulging or keeping away from mangoes to check your weight?

Mangoes And Breastfeeding Mothers

Both raw mango and mango fruit are not recommended for nursing mothers. If you cannot resist eating mango (most of us can’t!) and especially while nursing you tend to crave for favourite foods, try eating a very less portion of mango fruit. If you...

Mangoes And Dogs

Can dogs eat mango? The answer is complicated. Find out all you need to know about mango for dogs right here. First off, definitely don’t feed your dog the pit of a mango — more on that below. The skin of a mango might be too tough for a dog to di...

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