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Mythri Centre for Arts, founded by Nanditha Prabhu and Martha John, is a Centre dedicated to learning for individuals who have a passion for art and who are young at heart. Mythri’s dream has been to make art a gift of inspiration to others, to w...

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We offer classes in Classical dance, music, Western Dance, Keyboard, Veena, Drawing and Painting, Kung fu , Aerobics and Yoga. We have a group of sincere, dedicated and experienced teachers, who believe in Mythri’s vision. We conduct regular wor...

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Mythri embraces kids who are less privileged by conducting regular classes for the kids of Udavum Karangal orphanage and giving them opportunity to perform and interact with other Mythrites. Mythri has a Joy of Giving program where we collect ol...

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Resources - Art and Culture | 5-18y

Mythri Centre For Arts

Mythri Centre for Arts, Mythri Centre For ArtsMythri Centre for Arts
Flip the clipbook to know what we do at the centre. Its more than what you think.