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Extreme Bungy Jumping With Cliff Jump Shenanigans!

100% Pure New Zealand experience.

10 Scariest Places To Bungee Jump

Here are 10 of the scariest places to bungee jump. If your usual bungee jumping spots just aren't making your heart race like they used to, consider this.

Skydiving Into The Blue Hole, Belize

The ultimate skydive! Exit from 13500 feet in PERFECT weather conditions and there is endless blue.

Skydiving Destinations For World Travelers

If you're ready to take the plunge, here are some of the best-loved skydiving sites, or drop zones, around the globe, each with their own magnificent perspective for your viewing pleasure as you plummet through the atmosphere.

St Regis Resort Bora Bora

Aerial views of the St Regis Resort Bora Bora.

Life Goals

100+ Things to Do Before You Die.

41 Adventures To Add To Your Bucket List

Go to “La Tomatina” in Buñol, Spain. Everyone throws tomatoes at each other. And it’s insane. Breeze over the beautiful city of Rio and land on Sao Conrado beach. Play on the world’s highest tennis court at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. When it’s not...

22 Breathtaking Festivals Around The World That You Must See Before You Die

Witness some of the most unique and fabulous celebrations from all around the world. Festivals that have gathered millions of people from around the world partying, drinking and having the time of their lives. Experience life the way it should be ...

World's Best Hikes: 20 Hikers' Dream Trails - National Geographic

It's spectacular just to see the highest point on planet Earth. In 1963, it was a 185-mile trip. You can start by flying into to Lukla, a village at 9,000 feet with a slanted airstrip that makes for a hell of a takeoff and landing. In May, the rho...

Top Cultural Festivals In India To See In 2015: Tour My India

Here is a list of top cultural festivals in India that you must see in 2015 and relive each year.

52 Places To Visit In India Before You Turn 30

We list 52 places to visit in India before you turn 30. They are not just destinations but also crazy experiences to go down the book of your memory lane.

28 Offbeat Destinations You Need To Visit At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Skip the Londons and the Tokyos and check out these 28 offbeat destinations on your next vacation instead

Ultimate Adventure Bucket List 2013 -- National Geographic

Ultimate Adventure Bucket List 2013 - The world's 20 top athletes and explorers, naturally our Adventurers of the Year, share their wildest dream trips and their must-do trips. Including hiking, skiing, surfing, biking, climbing, mountaineering, a...

Top 10 Must Do Adventures Before You Die

The best place for this is Cape Town in South Africa, the cages are fairly small, normally around 3m x 1m, they’re tethered to the boat just below the surface, and they’re made from galvanized steel so are definitely strong enough to keep the beas...

Imdb: 100 Movies - You Must See Before You Die

Hand-picked selection of movies by the IMDb staff that you MUST see in your lifetime, but are not currently included in IMDb's Top 250 list of highest-voted movies by registered users.

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My Bucket List

bucket list of places i want to go and things i want to do, feel, experience.