Learning - Dance/Music | 6-18 yrs

Music From Everyday Objects


“They teach you there is a boundary line to music. But man, there’s no boundary to art.”

- Charlie Parker, an American jazz player.

True to his words, art knows no boundary. Music can be made out of anything, and not so surprisingly, from normal everyday objects too.

Yes, we all know about the ‘different levels of water in different glasses’ trick. But, soulful music can be derived from anything from crockeries to kitchen utilities to straws. You can even make a wonderful xylophone at home with easily available things, thereby putting to use your little one’s crafty and artistic skills as well.

So, use your creativity right away, tap into the musician in your child, and have an amazing time from making some music. But do you not want to use any object? You can always use clapping and tapping actions to not just make music, but also have some time of extra fun with your child.

Encourage a day of music making at home with your child, by learning from these interesting videos given in our ClipBook. If you like what you see and read, do click on the like button.


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