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Rudyard Kipling - The Creator of Mowgli

Raksha - The Mother Of Mowgli

Raksha (or Mother Wolf as initially named) is a fictional character featured in Rudyard Kipling's Mowgli stories, collected in The Jungle Book and The Second Jungle Book. She is a female Indian wolf, member of the Seeonee pack, who while suckling ...

Sherkhan - Mowgli's Villain

SherKhan a Bengal Tiger(Man Eater) is main Villain of the Mowgli.

Mowgli's Weapon - A Boomerang

Mowglis have to train your boomerang to survive in the jungle and decided to use your boomerang to kill snakes. you have to kill the snakes are on the right side of the screen to the next level

Jungle Book (Mowgli) Hindi Title Song

This song very famous in the Early 90's

Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli - Japanese Version Of Mowgli

Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli is an anime adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's original collection of stories, The Jungle Book. It aired in 1989, and consists of a total of 52 episodes. The series, a compromise between the original Mowgli stories and the W...

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The Jungle Book And Disney

Directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man), based on Rudyard Kipling’s timeless stories and inspired by Disney’s classic animated film, The Jungle Book is an all-new live-action epic adventure about Mowgli (newcomer Neel Sethi), a man-cub who’s been raise...

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