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Movies Based On Books


Many people watched the Da Vinci Code and appreciated the film’s excellence only to realise later that it was based on a book, which was equally entertaining. That there was a surge in the sales of the book after the release of the movie is another matter.

theatlantic says that novels surge in popularity when they are turned into films. Movie adaptations of books encourage children to read the books they are based on as it instils curiosity in the minds of viewers who are in two minds wondering if the book is the same or, even, better. In February of 2012 when The Hunger Games was released about 70, 000 school kids read the book.

Over the years, countless films have been made that have been adapted from books. Some notable ones include To Kill a Mockingbird, Romeo and Juliet, The Shining, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and others.

Watching a film adaptation of a book your child has already read can be very helpful as it engages them further and develops their analytical thinking skills, says The article further says that your child has the option to consider whether the director interpreted a relationship between characters or the setting of a particular scene in the same way that they did.

Encouraging your child to analyse a film and bring out the differences to the novel can help in developing their social skills.

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