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Movies And Children


Have you ever fallen in love with a child actor whose performances on screen tugged at your heart? Over the years, many child artistes have ruled the screens, in Indian and international cinema, earning millions of fans with their talent. Many of them have also gone on to become successful actors later in life. 

Do you want to watch movies based on some great children’s classics? Check out our list of movies based on children’s books and see for yourself how the characters translate onto the screen.

On Children’s Day, we have curated a list of adorable and aww--so-cute child actors who continue to melt the hearts of movie lovers the world over. If you are planning to take your child out for a movie-nite as a special treat, take a look at the movies in our selection. We have also listed the highest paid child actors of Bollywood and chosen a few clips from films where children play the central character.

So, flip through this ClipBook and let these classics do their magic. We hope these movies and their mesmerising child stars make it a memorable Children's Day for you and your child. 


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