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Motivating Your Child

Dr Nithya Poornima


Encouragement Vs Praise: Motivating Your Child - Parentcircle

To motivate your child to perform better, do you praise or encourage him? Is there any difference between the two? While both are positive responses to children, their impact can be different. In this exclusive article written by a mental health ...

How To Help Your Child Get Motivated In School | Child Mind Institute

If you have a child who is struggling in school and doesn’t seem to be motivated to make an effort, the first thing you want to do is explore whether there is some obstacle getting in his way. Learning issues, social challenges, attention or emoti...

10 Successful Motivation Strategies For Your Child - Parenting Special Needs Magazine

Motivation Is the Foundation for Your Child’s Success Many parents are in disbelief when their child underachieves at school, especially if they did well throughout their previous school years and then “out of nowhere” their grades take a turn fo...

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