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Motivating Teens To Do The Chores


Is your teen’s bed always unmade and the cupboard unkempt? Does he never clean the kitchen, water the lawn or wash your car? Would he rather stay at home and watch TV all day than help you with an hour of grocery shopping? You are not the only parent who must have answered ‘yes’ to these questions, as these are quintessential teenage behaviours.

According to a Q&A article in Today, “It’s incredible how kids can learn to put up with parents’ nagging and reminding, yet rarely volunteer to pitch in and help out. This is normal kid behaviour, although you really need to change the rules as soon as you can.” The article also suggests to connect a consequence with a behaviour (watching television after his bedroom is cleaned up, for instance). That way, your child will begin to become motivated to get his chores done.

An article in verywell says that offering some flexibility to your teen might motivate him to get his work done. “The teenage years are the perfect time to learn valuable life skills, self-discipline. Offering a little flexibility and freedom around chores gives your teen an opportunity to practice these skills. Tell your teen he can go to the park once his room is clean. Then, leave it up to him to decide when to get to work.”

This following ClipBook contains numerous articles suggesting numerous ways to motivate your teen to do some chores. Read through it to find out which works the best for you.


How To Get Your Teenager To Do Chores

Many of us experience the frustration of a messy house with teenagers just sitting around doing nothing. Here are some tips for motivating your teen to help you clean.

Teaching Teens Responsibilities And Chores

Remember those times your teens did everything they were supposed to, when they were supposed to, without being told they were supposed to? Of course you don't, because that never happened.

How Can You Raise A Clean Teen?

It's possible to get your teenager to help keep the house clean it just takes patience.

The 7 Secrets Of Motivating Teenagers

Teenagers were some of the most hardworking members of society. Long before shopping malls, computer games, and high schools, teenagers were expected to work with the adults and work hard.

Why Teenagers Don't Do Chores

They forget! Why do they forget? Because they are busy being teenagers, and chores are not priorities for them. Their priorities are friends, cars, zits, clothes, music, texting, trying to figure out what to do about grades.

The Importance Of Chores For Teens

Even though he may roll his eyes at the mention of chores, your teen gains benefits for life. When he completes a chore, he experiences a feeling of accomplishment, which is an integral part of his development.

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