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Most Influential Women Lawyers

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Law is one the most important components of our lives. To have good laws being implemented can raise our living standards by a lot. However, the people creating and using these laws often don’t have our best interests at heart. In fact, there have been and are laws that actively suppress certain parts of our society. For example, women didn’t have the right to vote in many countries at a point in time. And, even though we have laws meant to protect women, there are huge issues with implementing those laws. It’s too common to hear about people meant to protect, e.g. police officers and teachers, handing out more abuse instead. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that the laws governing us are fair and are being carried out properly.

One step in this direction is to have a diverse group of people working in law. This is why having more women becoming lawyers can help us create more equitable laws. In this ClipBook we have collected some of the most influential women lawyers who are making great strides in their work. Their commitment and effort is truly inspiring, especially for young people interested in law.

So, celebrate this national law day by learning about what some these outstanding women lawyers have achieved, from winning landmark cases to inspiring people through their ideas. 


Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is one of the most well-liked lawyers on this list. Her term as the first lady gave her the spotlight to spread important and relevant messages on issues like health, poverty, education, etc. She sold more than a million copies of h...

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg became the second woman to be a Supreme Court Justice in United States in 1993. She has one of the most influential and inspiring voices today, especially when it comes to gender equality. It’s no wonder that there is a movie b...

Cornelia Sorabji

The first Indian woman to become a lawyer in this nation, Cornelia Sorabji, set a strong precedent for women in law. Having helped over 600 children and women through her practise, she left a strong legacy. She often wouldn’t even charge her clien...

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton is one of the most accomplished and well-known lawyers and politicians. Having been the Secretary of state, first lady, competitive presidential candidate, and more, she has created quite a name for herself. Even the people in her ...

Hina Jilani

Hina Jilani is not only a brilliant lawyer but also a human-rights activist based in Pakistan. She has been a part of many critical human rights cases that have set standards for human rights in Pakistan. She was even awarded the Millennium Peace ...

Sonia Sotomayor

The first Associate Justice in United States’ Supreme Court of Hispanic descent, Sonia Sotomayor has worked on many notable cases and proved herself to be a very valuable justice. She has even been recognized by many top universities, which have g...

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