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Most Common Teen Problems

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As children grow up, their reliance on caregivers decreases. And, by the time, children reach teenage, they become independent, as they are capable of taking care of themselves. But, does it also mean that they can solve all their problems?

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Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is a thinking disorder in which an individual views him/herself as inadequate, unlovable, and/or incompetent. Once formed, this negative view permeates every thought...


According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, approximately one out of five adolescents has a diagnosable mental health disorder, and nearly one-third show symptoms...

Internet Addiction

The Internet can be a useful research tool for your teen’s term papers or school projects, but using the Internet too much could have a negative effect on your child’s well-being...

Drugs And Alcohol

The infamous teenage years are prime time for trying new things and asserting one’s independence. As teens transition into adulthood, they often become tempted by adult activities. They want..

Body Image

Your body image is how and what you think and feel about your body. It includes the picture of your body that you have in your mind, which might or might not match your body’s actual shape and size...


The raging hormones and awkward coming-of-age social interactions contribute to the chaotic feelings of youth. What happens when this chaos gets channeled into the abusive behaviors we call bullying?

Teens And Peer Pressure

Everyone talks about peer pressure on teens, but just how bad is it? Odds are, it’s not as bad as most parents think. Parents may lay awake at night worrying about what other kids will force their children to do...

Eating Disorders

Many factors might influence an adolescent to develop an unhealthy eating pattern or to become fearful about gaining weight. These factors may be psychological, social or environmental...

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