More Driving Leads To More Weight Gain !

Are We Driving Ourselves Fat? Time Spent In Car Leads To Bigger Belly

Time spent sitting in traffic is enough to raise most people's frustration levels. Turns out it raises more than that. A new Australian study has found that time spent driving each day is associated with waist circumference, BMI, blood glucose lev...

Does Your Belly Look Big? Driving For More Than An Hour A Day Leads To Increased Weight And Wider Waists

If you are spending more time driving than you need to think over it.It can make you 2.3kg heavier than someone who spends less than 15 minutes in a car and also add 1.5cm of extra fat around your waistline, putting you at the risk of an early dea...

Driving Over An Hour A Day Can Lead To Weight Gain, Increase In Belly Fat, Says Study | Latest News & Updates At Daily News & Analysis

A new study says that those who drive for one hour a day carry 2.3 kg more weight and 1.5 cm more around the waist. The study, from the Australian Catholic University's Institute of Health and Ageing, looked at the driving habits of 2800 adults ta...

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More Driving Leads To More Weight Gain !

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Driving over an hour a day can lead to weight gain, increase in belly fat, says study