Mon Musings- Happiness In Our Classrooms

Letting Happiness Flourish In The Classroom

If we truly want to cultivate happiness in our homes and schools, we can’t just pay it lip service. We must model behaviours that, according to Dr. Seppala, make us happier, healthier and more productive.

Asha Webinar: Teaching Happiness In Our Classrooms

Presented by Dr. Stephen Goodwin, Associate Professor, Behavioral Health and Nutrition, University of Delaware. This webinar will provide tools and resources to encourage school health professionals and teachers to incorporate happiness/positive p...

Happy Classrooms: Ricardo Arguis At Tedxzaragoza

Ricardo Arguis is a teacher and psychologist with a Ph. D. in Pedagogy. He has worked for more than 20 years with kids with special needs, both teaching in several schools and teaching and coaching new teachers. He coordinates the SATI Team, a te...

Martin Seligman - Wellbeing Before Learning; Flourishing Students, Successful Schools

Positive psychology is a relatively new aspect of psychology founded by Professor Martin Seligman in 1998 that seeks to scientifically understand positive emotions such as joy and emotions such as joy and optimism

About Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is not about putting on a happy face all the time. Scientific research has shown that there are identified strategies and skills that allow people to navigate the challenges of life more effectively and enjoy life despite the u...

My Ideas My Classroom

Use this template to record ideas on how to work on the positive emotions in your classroom

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Mon Musings- Happiness In Our Classrooms

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Suggestions for actions for school leaders and teachers to take in order to cultivate happier schools.