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How To Design Your Own T-Shirt - Kids Activities - Momscribe

T- Shirt design is a fun filled activity and with the summer nearing, it is time to design your own T-Shirt and flaunt with them. Both Cherry and Berry had a wonderful time designing their favourite characters with the help of some T-Shirt kits.

How To Childproof Or Set Parental Controls On Android And Ipad - Momscribe

Very good and useful post and info Uma, my kids are starting to get too used to my ipad and iPhone these days. I am trying to restrict their use to just 30 minutes a day, still trying :) Your tips will come in handy soon :)

Helping Shy Kids To Become Confident - Momscribe

Sometimes we feel so awkward when our kids are too shy in front of the crowd. Being intelligent yet shy affects our kids in the classroom as well as getting acknowledged among their peers. I was worried when my daughter was shy in her foundation c...

The Brazil Experience - A Persuasive Leaflet By Cherry - Momscribe

"The Brazil Experience" is a creative leaflet written by my Cherry (8 years old) persuading her readers to visit Brazil. I can guarantee that you will keep Brazil on your travel list.

Scratch Programming For Kids - Part 1 - Momscribe

Scratch is an interesting programming application which enables children as well as adults to create animations, games, even driven programming, simulations including many other interesting projects and experiments.

Scratch Programming For Kids - Part 2 - Momscribe

As already told, this scratch programming is the easiest one and will help give kids a very good intro to programming and animations. I also have mentioned in the previous post that after creating a simple program by dragging and dropping blocks o...

Scratch Programming For Kids And Makey Makey - Part 3 - Momscribe

From Part 1 and Part 2 of Scratch programming, we have seen how to create a simple Scratch program which responds to our computer keyboard keys. Now, using the same principle we are going to use a innovative arduino keyboard MaKey MaKey which can ...

3 Ways To Potty Train Your Child - Momscribe

Potty training is an important phase wherein you let your child know that he has to wee and poo in the right place and not anywhere as he wishes. Your child learns to understand and control his bladder and bowels as you help him in his toilet trai...

Top 10 Toddler Books That Is Worth Reading - Momscribe

Books are friends for life and it is very much true when you start introducing books to your little one even before they are born. Yes, researches say that your baby can hear what you speak or read to them just as you enter your 3rd trimester of ...

Top 5 Free Android Doctor Apps For Kids - Momscribe

Five free doctor android apps keeps your kids entertained for hours

10 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Printer - Momscribe

Most of you should likely have a printer in your home. Apart from printing documents , files, letters, projects and some random images, some of us go a step further exploring more fun things one can do using the printer. With kids at home, makin...

Craft Ideas - Tropical Bird Collage - Momscribe

Collages are a fun way to create wonderful work of arts. This fun activity will help children learn how different things when put together will transform into a wonderful art. The easiest and interesting theme for this activity will be creating a ...

Tangram Puzzles For Kids - Momscribe

One of the fun as well as educational Summer activities for children is using Tangrams, a mathematical puzzle game. As the name sounds, it is an intellectual Chinese puzzle with seven flat shapes called tans .

Violent Video Games That Your Kids Shouldn't Play - Momscribe

With a lot of options open, the young esp. the kids are quite prone to learn and love violence. Movies play a major role of introducing violence to the kids and how to use even a stone as an instrument for violence.

Activities For Toddlers - Homemade Kid's Bow And Arrow - Momscribe

The homemade bow and arrow is completely safe for children to use and is an interesting activity for toddlers. It is made using available things at home and by recycling toilet paper tube.

Craft Ideas - Mobile Hangings For Kids - Momscribe

With few sheet of papers and some crayons, you can help your kids create beautiful work of arts. The below craft idea for kids and toddlers is very simple to make with very few things that we already have in our home.

Addition And Subtraction Strategies - Part 1 - Momscribe

Different strategies and methods are used in school to teach addition and subtraction for kids. The post for today is on request of many mothers who had been asking me about the different approach used in school for teaching Maths. This post conce...

Addition And Subtraction Strategies - Part 2 - Momscribe

In our previous post. we saw three methods under addition and subtraction strategies namely using pictures and counters, using the number line method and the 100 square grid method. Today, we will be seeing the other two methods namely the number ...

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