Mocha Lattes Can Improve Attention Span

Mocha Lattes Can Improve Your Attention Span: Study

New York: Coffee lovers, rejoice! Drinking a cup of coffee and chocolate brewed together may improve your attention span, a new study has claimed. Researchers, including those from University of Georgia in the US, studied the acute effects of bre...

Do You Struggle To Stay Active In Overnight Shifts? This Beverage Can Help Combat Sluggishness!

New Delhi: Do you struggle to stay active while working in overnight shifts? If yes, then there is a beverage that can help you give your hundred percent during graveyard shifts too. Researchers suggest that drinking mocha lattes can improve your...

How To Get Caffeine Health Benefits? Mix It Up With Chocolate!

According to a new study, combining chocolate and caffeine my boost health benefits compared to when you take them individually. Both ingredients are good on their own for promoting alertness, but together, they can lead to better attention levels...

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Mocha Lattes Can Improve Attention Span

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Mocha lattes can improve attention span: study