Missing Tile Syndrome

The Missing Tile Syndrome

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wish I were ____"? Adjectives may have included: thinner, taller, smarter, etc. If so, you

Happiness: Missing Tiles

Sermon on Happiness by Robert V. Schuller, Tree of Life Community, Orance, CA. Learn more on treeoflifeoc.org.

Missing Tile Syndrom - Jewish Gems

Why do we tend to focus on the negative over the positive? How do we change this perspective?

Dealing With Difficult People: Tips For Keeping Your Cool, Maintaining Positive Attitude

Tips for keeping your cool, maintaining positive attitude Ever feel as if you're wearing a big fat button that says, "Push here to aggravate, annoy or otherwise bother me?" It might just be one of those days, but more than likely you've encountere...

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Missing Tile Syndrome

Krishnamoorthy VKrishnamoorthy V
we often focus on the missing tile(s) in our lives