Mind 'n' Body 360 Degree Fitness Studio

Mind 'N' Body 360 Degree Fitness Studio

MB360° is an unique health fitness and performance center located in Chennai. Optimal fitness and lifestyle center combines the best of Western and Eastern philosophy module for the achievement of your goal. The center combines the look and fee...

About Us

MB360° was started in 2009, 5000 sq.ft., dedicated space for fitness. From its inception our center attracts health conscious people from various walks of life. Our goal was to spread the saga of health and well being to all, it has always been ...

Our Programs

⦿ General fitness ⦿ Weight loss program ⦿ Weight gain program ⦿ Hypertension Management program ⦿ Diabetic Management program ⦿ Stress Management Program ⦿ Women wellness program ⦿ Exclusive programs for PCOD and post natal motherhood ⦿ Pain clini...

Salient Features

⦿ Cardio Respiratory conditioning ⦿ Strength training ⦿ Life style modification ⦿ Obesity management ⦿ Hypertension management ⦿ Diabetic management ⦿ Women wellness program ⦿ Muscle Toning/conditioning ⦿ Qualified professionals monitoring ⦿ Pre-p...

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Mind 'n' Body 360 Degree Fitness Studio

Mind 'N' Body 360 degree, Mind 'N' Body 360 DegreeMind 'N' Body 360 degree
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